Soil Stabilisation - Emupol

Most types of sandy soil are very susceptible to wind erosion. The severity of any blow is affected by a number of factors, but blowing generally begins with the movement of the relatively fine particles, which in turn activate the creep of coarser particles along theg up of dust particles and their suspension in the wind. The effects of blowing can be expensive: loss of seed, fertiliser and herbicide, and crop damage from sand-blasting frequently necessitate redrilling and often result in reduced yields.


Furthermore, field drainage may be disrupted, roadways coveredand visibility reduced. Emupol SSC is a simple and convenient means of combating the problem of soil blowing; on dilution and spraying, it dries to bind the soil surface leaving no loose particles that may be moved with the wind. It therefore reduces seedling damage and loss of yield and eliminates the need for resowing. On particularly light soils, it also reduces the risk of loss of seed, fertiliser and herbicide. Contact Howard Atkins for further details.


Howard Atkins
Commercial Support Manager