Hutchinsons APP Overview   With the latest version of our successful Hutchinsons FieldWise smartphone app and website forecaster we have introduced a simple spraying window forecast based upon a traffic light system.

It is intended that this facility should give the spray operator or farm manager an easy to read indication of when the weather is most likely to be suitable, or unsuitable, for spraying operations over the next five days.

The background weather forecast data is provided by the Met Office in three hourly sectors.
The data is then processed through the app to compare it against certain parameters and assign each three hourly block with a traffic light colour.

GREENConditions should be suitable for spraying
AMBERConditions may not be suitable for spraying
REDConditions unlikely to be suitable for spraying
Where a sector is coloured either amber or red then this sector will also contain one or two symbols indicating which weather parameters are likely to be causing a restriction to spraying.

G - Wind Speed – Gusts
R - Rainfall
T - Temperature
W - Wind Speed - General
M - Mist
F - Fog

Where two or more factors may be limiting spraying possibilities, an exclamation mark (!) is shown.

Should there be restricting factors in different categories, i.e amber and red, then the worst case scenario will take precedent and the sector will be coloured red and show the appropriate limiting factor symbol(s).

Tapping on any sector for a particular day will bring up the detailed information for that day, divided into the three hourly sectors and appropriately coloured according to the forecast.

Each hourly sector shows the temperature, wind speed and direction and contains a symbol to indicate the forecast weather type.

A further tap on any individual sector will open a pop up window displaying further information detail.
Hutchinsons Wisbech 1 day weather   Hutchinsons Wisbech APP Detail
Forecast Locations - App Graphics

When the Spraying Forecast facility is first opened the app will ask whether to allow it to use your current location information. In order to utilise this facility to its full extent you will need to allow the app use of your location. Without this the Current Location facility within the app will not function.
Hutchinsons Wisbech APP Location   Hutchinsons Wisbech APP
Adding a location - App Graphics

Should you wish to view the spraying forecast for a location other than your current location then you will need to add this location to your locations list. This is simply done by selecting the + symbol in the top right hand corner and typing in the name of the weather station you wish to add.
Hutchinsons Wisbech APP Search Location      Hutchinsons Wisbech APP
Deleting a location from the list

If you no longer wish to have a location in your list simply swipe your finger across the location name and the Delete button will appear. Tapping this will remove the selected location from the list.