Winter Technical Farming Conference 2017

'Sustainable Productivity'

Wednesday 15th November – Kingsgate Conference Centre, 2 Staplee Way, Peterborough PE1 4YT

Hutchinsons is convinced of the importance of scientific research in the future of sustainable farming. As a company, our on-going objective is to find solutions for many of the agronomic challenges which currently limit UK yields. We aim to achieve this by continuing to work closely with a range of science partners and R & D organisations, to turn innovative scientific initiatives into practical solutions that make a real difference to growers in the field. The long-term research and development work at our Regional Technology Centres and National Black Grass Centre of Excellence are prime examples of this, where practical knowledge and positive results continue to be achieved.

winter technical farmer conference 2015

The goal of our 2017 conference, through innovative ideas and engaging with key industry experts, is to help you understand how the practical application of the latest information, advice and technology can sustain productivity plus boost the yield potential and profitability of your arable crops.

What will you learn?

  • Reality-check of the future financial scenario for arable farmers from banking industry expert
  • How technology, genetics and environment combined can sustain and enhance farm productivity
  • Identifying the details of where and how you can lift farm yield and profitability
  • Using innovative tools and practical methods to achieve these results - tailored to your individual farm at the field and part-field level.


  • Access to a range of informative technical stands and helpful industry experts
  • An invaluable opportunity to network with other like-minded growers
  • Easy access from all major trunk roads around the Peterborough area
  • Coffee on arrival and hot refreshments provided for lunch.
The event starts at 9.00 am and concludes at 3.00 pm.
BASIS and NRoSO points will be available.
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