Yield Enhancement Network

Protect Potential

A robust fungicide and PGR approach is another feature of high-yielding crops, with two SDHI applications, plus chlorothalonil forming the backbone of many programmes, Dr Bulmer says.

“Disease control has been very challenging over recent years, especially with the declining efficacy of triazoles.

“Some growers are still taking too many risks, whereas those achieving the best yields tend to be more risk averse and can see the benefits of new chemistry for disease control and physiological effects. Fungicide inputs among this group are slightly higher than average, but are not excessive. Often it’s about having an outline plan that is flexible enough to be adapted and fine-tuned as the season progresses.”

Choosing the right variety for the site and any management constraints, such as sprayer capacity, is crucial, although more information on this area is needed, he adds.

“It’s a case of finding what works for your system and the specific soil and climate on that site.

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