Yield Enhancement Network Videos

Interviews with YEN Competitors:

In a series of 3 videos, YEN entrants explain the strategies they adopted this year to fully utilise the main factors contributing to wheat yields on their farms - Sunlight, Water and the Soil.

There is obviously a lot to learn about managing different sites to best effect and this has been one of the interesting observations from the Hutchinsons Regional Technology Centres this year, where different nutritional approaches were explored. Each development site responded differently to the treatments that were applied, there was no common theme. The key seems to be in identifying the management technique or techniques that will have the biggest impact on yield, guided by the soil type and nutritional analysis.

The 2016 YEN Competition is now open to applicants, and if you would like to take part please contact your agronomist, or Dr Bob Bulmer mobile 07810 515892, e-mail: [email protected]