Join future focused farmers and growers for two days at the Groundswell Regenerative Agriculture Show and Conference ...

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Lannock Manor Farm, Hertfordshire, UK

24th & 25th June

Come and find us at Groundswell for the chance to learn more about our Healthy Soils service and the importance of benchmarking your soils ahead of future changes to soil management, as well as TerraMap – Omnia’s high definition soil scanning and mapping service.


Entering its fifth year in 2020, the Groundswell event provides a forum for farmers and anyone interested in food production or the environment to learn about the theory and practical applications of Conservation Agriculture or regenerative systems, including no-till, cover crops and reintroducing livestock into the arable rotation, with a view to improving soil health.

Groundswell is a practical show aimed at anyone who wants to understand the farmer’s core asset, the soil, and make better-informed decisions. It is a two-day event featuring talks, forums and discussions from leading international soil health experts, experienced arable and livestock farmers, agricultural policy experts, direct-drill demonstrations and AgTech innovators.

With wide appeal across the food and farming spectrum, Groundswell is relevant for conventional, organic, livestock, arable, landowners or tenant farmers.

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