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Nutrition & Fertiliser Advice

Our agronomists provide impartial advice to optimise the use of fertiliser and organic manures

Hutchinsons dedicated nutrition team provide technical and commercial support to all our agronomists, helping them to deliver the best product choice alongside impartial advice.

Our aim is always to optimise fertiliser use to improve farm profitability whilst taking into account the farm’s specific environmental and practical considerations. Our agronomists can also work with growers to optimise their use of organic manures, ensuring legislation is complied with and helping with long-term nutrition planning.

Advice & Supply

Hutchinsons offer a comprehensive crop nutrition advice and supply service:

  • The most complete portfolio of fertilisers and foliar feeds
  • Macro and micro nutrition including solids, liquids and renewables
  • Complete, unbiased FACTS qualified advice across all crop sectors
  • Full legislative and environmental compliance consultancy
  • Variable rate plans, advice and technology integration through Omnia Digital farming.

Optimising application

Omnia’s Nutrition Software enables fertiliser applications to be accurately applied, timed and recorded – and help growers to meet legislative requirements.


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