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The Helix National Development Farm

Hosted courtesy of Andrew and William Pitts of J W Pitts & Sons

The Helix National site in Northamptonshire develops and trials the latest innovations and technologies at farm scale. Check here for updates on some of our projects in progress including predict and justify, nutrition and sustainability.

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Linking technology, knowledge and advice to deliver sustainable farming

As a central hub for Helix, the Helix Technology Development Farm is developing, trialling and demonstrating the latest innovations and technologies at farm scale to determine their benefits.

Learn more about the trials work being done on Helix Farm here, or click here for a broader overview of the Helix project as a whole.

Trial Site Video Updates

Helix National - Early March 2021 Soils update with Dick Neale - Part 1

March 4, 2021

Helix National - Early March 2021 Soils update with Dick Neale - Part 2

March 4, 2021

Cover Crops

Dick Neale - 30th September Soil Update

Cover Crops

Michael Shemilt - Cover Crop Insights

Helix Trial Site

Margin Watch June Update

Helix Trial Site

pH and Nutrient Use Efficiency

Growth Stage Prediction Modelling

Helix Farm - Michael Shemilt

Plant Tissue Testing

Rob Jewers - Early May Update

Nitrogen Use Efficiency

Tim Kerr - Early May Update

Septoria and Crop Growth

Michael Shemilt - Late April

Nitrogen Use Efficiency

Bob Bulmer - Late April

Helix National Trial Site

Omnia Crop Growth Model Checking

Measuring Plant Establishment



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